Jenny Calcoen

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Company Name: Jenny Calcoen

Contact Name: Jenny Calcoen


Phone: (805) 364-1545


I’m a personal transformation coach.

I work with a variety of clients from a corporate background, artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. I use my skills and abilities to help people who already show up powerfully in the world, who make a difference, who already have great lives and want to turn them into extraordinary ones.

My clients want more from life and want help to move in a new direction. Often they are perfectionists and ambitious DO-ers who want to explore their BE-ings. Together we work on creating greater success and alignment of their values with their lives, so that they are free to create the change they want to see in the world.

I provide a space where self-awareness, introspection and self-exploration are encouraged, nurtured, cultivated and respected.

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