New York Life Insurance – Del Hegland

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Company Name: New York Life Insurance

Contact Name: Del Hegland


Address: 23 Hitchcock Way, Ste 105
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Phone 1: (805) 563-1000

Phone 2: (805) 680-1693

Fax: (805) 563-4340


Company Description: 

I’m a financial coach, helping you remove your financial blind spots.  My job is to help you crystalize your needs and goals, compare where you are now, and help you get from where you are now to your goals.

We review:

  • RETIREMENT:  Are you satisfied with the progress you’ve made toward your goals?
  • POLICIES YOU HAVE NOW:  Do you understand them?  Is there something more appropriate now?
  • INCAPACITY AND DEATH:  What happens if one of your family needs physical help – or dies?
  • WEALTH STRATEGIES:  Can I get more monthly income when I retire?  When should I take Social Security?
  • BUSINESS OWNERSHIP:  How can I benefit staff selectively?  What if a key employee dies or can’t work?

Life surprises.  I’m sure you’ve done much planning already, but I’ve seen, studied, and experienced a lot, in business and in personal life.  If there’s one good idea we can come up with by brainstorming over coffee or tea, that should be worth a few minutes of your time.

Keep Smiling!